Airlink Radio Systems - Wireless Monitoring

Airlink Wireless is your only choice for radio backup. Its not enought to have a phone line connecting your alarm system to a monitoring station because they can be found & compromised. Phone lines are still the first and best line of defense but Airlink Radio Systems provide the kind of backup that is reliable and affordable to everyone if the line goes down.

Wireless Reporting is faster, more reliable and more secure than reporting critical data over ordinary telephone lines. It is the ultimate choice in alternative to ordinary phone lines and provides and additional safety factor.The Signal gets through without concern for damaged or cut telephone lines.

The list below are just some of the ways Airlink Radios can be utilized:


Alarm & Security Monitoring * Computer Networking-A/C Power Loss

Wireless Monitoring * Burglar-Fire Alarms * Machinery Failure Operations

Contruction Sites *Temperature Control * Office Buildings

Hospital Patient/Medical Monitoring * Vending Machine Monitoring

Campus Security * Boats & Yachts * Vehicle Location * Tracking

Securing Pump Stations * Water Towers * Remote Sites

Private/Public Utility Automation * Government/Millitary Applications